"A creator only needs one enthusiast to justify him."
- Man Ray
"Luxury is not consumerism. It is educating the eyes to see that special quality."
- Christian Louboutin
"The purest example of a fully-integration brand concept is what some call ‘from the ground up’ brand integration, beginning with the conception of an actual product (its name, strategy, design, merchandising, etc…)

When it comes to integration, this is the most ideal position for a brand to be in.

If it’s not, it makes full integration very difficult to achieve."


Mac OS X iTunes 10.6.3 (25) 64bit binary excerpts rendered as RGB images, woven into blankets.

The first two pieces in a new series of blankets dedicated to making visible the data structures that make up our everyday lives.

Glitch Textiles

"I don’t have clients. I have relationships with people of mutual respect."
- Michael Wolf via Julia Sagar
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